Written by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, May 9, 2017

Until alternative facts were no longer considered lies
News anchors remained a side like home fries
Waitresses were replaced by metal machines
Along with bartenders & hostesses by artificial means

After the great global war decimated society
A new world organization instilled a newfound propriety
Surveillance by personal drones were the new big brother
With an eye from the sky unlike any other

Wherever we went, the drone simply followed
It monitored every piece of food we swallowed
If we said the wrong word and said it out of context
We were put into the database for being dishonest

The database was sent off to a powerful elite
Who created a new form of currency from white meat
Meat that was developed in an underground laboratory
Extracting DNA stored in a scientific purgatory

When the privitization of mankind destroyed morality
Private unawareness was a new formality
Without public defense, pollution was not regulated
Externalities occurred while health was reaggravated

Maximization of profit was the only true concern
The white meat currency was also a racial downturn
As if war wasn’t enough to decimate the planet
The new world order was built on white panic

They filled the pocketbooks of the rich and witless
Marginalizing the poor and abusing the public interest
They found ways to kill off animal species & families
It didn’t matter any longer with these people’s insanities

Escape to the remote corners of the Earth
Was one way to achieve a spiritual rebirth
Assuming one could evade totalitarian technology
We could start writing a new human anthology

Those who couldn’t be tracked by radar
Navigated by night with light from the dog star
Hiding away in tall brush that was not yet radiated
Breathing through wheezing lungs that were devastated

There was talk of memories of digital music
And screens of graphics that were therapeutic
That must have been a time of abundant creativity
Before drinking water was known for its harmful acidity

Nobody was sure if such an epoch would come again
And if it happened, could we cleanse with cayenne
The folly of yesteryear was nearly ignored
When books were burned and drug prices soared

All of those people that roared with pride
Fattened by television and fluoride
Could never have anticipated the intellectual pogrom
Brought on by humanity’s tickling time bomb

Such outrageous men thought they were in control
Until a pandemic occurred that took its toll
Wiping out much life in its wake
Like ants being digested in the belly of a snake

It weaved its way across the world
Those who already knew had their flags unfurled
The finest creatures cared not about ideology
Their concerns remained with cosmic astrology

The standing few walked without GPS
Their shattered minds had no recess
Along plutonium paths sprouted wild flowers
Deformed and twisted by gamma ray showers

Underground was the new hope for life
Evolving skin turning grey with rife
Some dreamed of building an elevator to the sky
To help the many who had turned a blind eye

Back when a country called the USA existed
Abuse of power was part of those enlisted
The mighty country decided to attack a friend
For saying something that seemed to offend

The outrageous man who was in charge of all
Cared more about hitting a white golf ball
Than paying attention to an economic collapse
While failing to pay for his property tax

The universe worked in mysterious ways
For the meek to inherit the needless malaise
The planet was stronger than all who had predicted
After two thousand years, love went unrestricted