Written by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, July 8, 2015

One body, one mind, one spirit, one earth
Whole body, whole mind, whole spirit, whole earth
A-ho mitake oyusin!
All my relations!

Tonight as we gather in this lodge
Souls unite, bodies are in flight
The fire hypnotizes and entrances
The air cools as the water dances

We mingle around the fire as dusk settles in
Some of us stand there, or sit and spin
Fear is the opposite of love, I don’t doubt this
I’ve felt it myself and its glamorous

This is what love can do
When people congregate and start anew
We work together and contribute joy
The earth connects every girl and boy

No money is needed or wanted
Healing is not priced nor taunted
We are humbled and our egos are diminished
The heat of the lodge tells us we’re finished

The door opens and out we walk, run or crawl
Down to the pond we swim as stars in the sky fall
The full moon in the horizon has yet to rise
The water is freezing cold we collectively surmise

A drop turns into a splash, the steam dissipates
Cold skin turns warm, as the extreme creates
Hollers, screams, howls and thunder
Human energy has torn the water asunder

Then back to the fire we gather together
And up to the house we scamper to lather
Yet the pond was already a bath to some
It was a purification of freedom and fun

Our communal skin glistens in the starlight
There’s tingling and twinkling
Utopian ideas and tinkering
Frogs, turtles, fish that fly
Swimming gradually around our third eye
Ribbiting, riveting, rendering, bending
Spending, unending, musical lending

Waking up to Dan’s special coffee, how funny
There’s a mix of chocolate syrup and honey
Aside from the soy milk he keeps at bay
That’s one of the ingredients hidden away

Music and melodies, oh how so sweet
Guitar, bass, piano, harp, and more while we eat
The songs and harmonies fill the air
We consume joys and lose our cares

The sun beams down, we return to the site
Where the night before we grew in height
Weight was lost, dimensions expanded
Love, not fear, made us evenhanded

Remember the east, where we are today
And to the south, where clear children play
We look to the west, as adults who are foggy
And the north, for wisdom we hope to embody

We pray for the world, for peace and transcendence
We sing for all lifeforms and universal remembrance
The cosmos smiles down, we ask what we are
We question, we answer, for those near and far

Come with us, for love isn’t sappy or wacky
It is a tool, a force, a weapon against fear
It holds us together, it finds us front and near
It tracks us down, hunts us until we die
We can accept it or shun it and sigh
Don’t be afraid, the lodge is always a gift
We build it, we dress it, we drape it, we lift
We sift all the soil and gather the ferns
We cover the ground so our bums don’t have burns
The water is filled in buckets, the antlers are ready
We take what we’ve learned and hold our spirits steady

All people are welcome, all will not be judged
Thousands of years of sage are here to be smudged
Forego your cynicism, forego your skepticism
Live in the moment, let this be your baptism