Written by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, November 9, 2016

How do we stop the madness, restrain the anger, recognize unity amongst division, stop our fingers from frantically typing while our eyes tremble at the sight of hubris, hyperbole and heresy, and convince others that great promises could come from false prophets?

While the righteous pray for their con artist “fuhrer” to save them and make everything “great” again, to give them jobs, to pay the lobbyists, to construct more oil pipelines, to contaminate every single last remnant of pure ground water, to raze away every last tree to raise miserable cattle, to thicken the air with as much fossil fuel pollution as possible, to once and for all eradicate any remaining laws protecting ecosystems, do these righteous men of God really think humans have no effect on their environment?

After they pray for their supreme leader to drain the marsh of any last bit of amphibious life, will these soldiers of God march onwards to deforest any last remaining bit of rainforest left in the Amazon, in the Congo and in the Indo-Malayan region in Southeast Asia, before complaining of a shortage of toilet paper to wipe their perfumed behinds?

When they pray for their nation to go to war in the name of fallacies, will they make us turn onto one another, taking up knives, guns, crossbows and jackhammers, while all the while we fill our doomsday bunkers with genetically modified processed food, looted from Aldi, suffocated in BPA plastic wrap, living in fear and isolating ourselves from every other country or culture on earth, so long as we have cable television and an endless supply of movies from Netflix?

Will our cousins, brothers and uncles force us to pray for their false prophet’s policies, as information is fed through expressionless video screens staring back at us, while our breathing is shallow and eyes are transfixed on fear mongerering propaganda?

Will they pray for their galactic caravan of hatred and fear to take us with them on a one way ticket to a black hole somewhere deep in outer space, only for us to forever be sucked into their vortex, trapped in a bottomless void, screaming in frustration, weeping in pain, while the electromagnetic veneer of our souls melts from within?

As they pray for their egotistical bully to wield strongmen and weld weapons into the hands of other demagogues, will the righteous rest while the world falls apart, as bigotry, racism, sexism and many other “isms” are forced down upon us as admiration for the false prophet spreads like a virus?

Won’t they want others to pray that their throned buffoon sets up deportation camps along our southern border, so a great big wall is constructed, when all the while, these camps were meant to be converted into extermination camps so we could be rounded up and controlled like the misguided sheeple that we are?

Could their prayers be any further from the truth, when just months into his ascendence to power, he secretly puts together his own Gestapo to commit terrorist acts on our nation, only to propel his power upwards, not unlike Hitler’s burning down the Reichstag to become the supreme leader of Germany in a state of emergency?

Will they pray for his conspiracy theories and lies about a great outside threat coming to destroy us all be enough for them to brandish the educated few to serve them, while their master uses trumperies to tempt us into falling for his tactics?

Will their prayers for him to threaten every country that inflames his ego put them at ease, as the uninformed religious fanatics jump for joy, dance and make love, hoping their madman drops nuclear weapons and vaporizes regional atmospheres, so he could assert his dominance from the top of his ivory white house tower?

Will those uneducated religious zealots realize that they foolishly prayed for a fascist psychopath to take control of their lives, so a true police state could be established for the safety and welfare of strongmen, censoring the media, imprisoning the environmentalists and putting all intellectual free spirits on death row all in the name of God’s work?

Will they pray for our rights we have to be taken away, every effort to shame to be tolerated and every racist and homophobic action to be justified, so more hilltops can be blown up, every inch of available public land to be sold for oil drilling and every climate change denier to pat themselves on the back believing that humans were not savvy enough to affect the planet and its resources?

Do these devoutly religious human beings truly believe that all environmental changes, including climate change, are specifically controlled and manipulated by God? Could they not even fathom that human beings are all pieces, links, atoms, molecules and connections to God anyway? Couldn’t we as a species all be part of the greater interconnectedness of the cosmos? Isn’t that what “God” is?

Don’t these religious fanatics realize that what human beings do to their environment, whether they are actions of good or evil, have repercussions and consequences? Do they not know what might happen when human beings build a dam and starve the earth of water, drying out forests? Is that not a way of affecting one’s environment and on a mass scale, couldn’t that be adding up to planetary change? Will they march forward with homogenous closed minds and further reduce the health of our planet and bodies to catastrophic levels, with the assistance of their forthcoming leader?

These “Jews for Jesus” relatives of mine that prayed for Donald Trump to save their lives, these God-fearing beings who secretly harbored fear, these people who sought a great awakening, these people whose apparent duty was to show love and unity, these people who prayed, fasted, used intercession and cried out to God, did they not worship a man themselves? Did they not see the hypocrisy in their candidate’s lack of values, ethics and character? Did they not disguise love as fear and insecurity for their single-mindedness?

Will they pray for an entity such as “Yeshua Ha Mashiach” to emerge out of the ashes of their slain tyrant, not unlike the resurrection of Jesus, as they convince us to be as “real” as possible, justifying intolerance, injustice and fascism to support the greater good?

For all of these alarmist rumors, pessimistic questions and dire concerns, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have no answers, but only more questions.