Written by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, January 10, 2017

Clouds full of toxic synthetic fragrances blocked my view
In a ballroom, with loud voices blaring from monitors
The sound man stood tone deaf behind the controls
As the shrill voices yelled into the microphones
And nerves deadened for every second that passed

A male belly dancer with bat wings outstretched
Thought he was alluring as a woman in the audience stared
And one man’s eyes sagged while sitting paralyzed in his chair
As he drunkenly clutched his dumbfounded drink

And then another poet walked up to the microphone stand
Spellbinding all that listened to her lewd poetry
The uncultured masses didn’t have a moral compass or a frame of reference
To associate her words with common sense

With another blink of an eye, a female figure emerged
A globe-shaped, burlesque dancer close to being obese, undressed
Until her nipple pasties were revealed for those unlucky patrons
Who would have rather been home playing their banjos and fiddles
Breathing air that wasn’t laced with formaldehyde and acetone

Hearing loss and hormone disruption were the specials on the menu
Subjected to the pollution, I had not consumed alcohol with everyone else
I was just an innocent samaritan who was lucky enough to bring earplugs
Even though they didn’t mask the vulgar words and horrendous music
Including songs about old sweatshirts and disco sticks

My inner spirit was paralyzed and nearly destroyed tonight
Plastered with human pollution of all kinds
While I was trapped in a room full of zombies
Whose minds embraced paintings of corpulent bare breasts and vulvas

This was not at all fun or titillating or exciting or challenging to me
This was maximalism that was excessive and redundant beyond thought
It was all obvious and nothing subtle whatsoever
I wondered if subtlety was no longer possible at this very moment
And if elegance, nuance and understatedness was now dead
Replaced with noisy, abrasive, rambunctious behavior

Was I growing old or did I become too sensitive to this sort of cacophany
Was this dissonance local or normal to the region and not just the venue
Was stressful eating normalized, as hip hop and pop pounded stomach muscles
And voice boxes were slowly damaged along with decayed ear drums
Blasted by these diseased, angry, ignorant, brutish human beings

Could it have been the escape that they needed, to inundate their fears
To damage themselves before human civilization was soon going to end
Was it their de-evolution that created the new sick revolution
Bearing witness to Monsanto and Pfizer’s global agendas
Hospitalizing those hospitable, asthmatic football fans
Who coughed alongside their buckets of buffalo chicken wings
While worshipping their scandalous superstar wide receiver
If those uncultured populists regarded their stadium as a cathedral
Could there be any hope at all for grace and humility

I wanted to escape more than ever and never find myself in this situation again
I wanted to migrate with a graceful flock of geese to a southern coastline
I wanted to sit atop a warm, grassy overlook under the cool, shade of a jacaranda tree
I wanted to strum my ukulele, watching distant waves create frothy sea foam
I wanted to meditate with the aroma of jasmine tea curling through my nostrils
I wanted to breathe pristine atmosphere while mosquitos repelled off my skin
I wanted to garden with a woman on the outskirts of an intentional community
I wanted to wonder what it would be like to only meet people who wore essential oils
I wanted to never know how important money and wealth was to my species
I wanted to sleep in a yurt and communicate with birds and animals via telepathy
I wanted to whisper to chickens on every island near the Tropic of Capricorn
I wanted to hike beyond the waterfalls that led to unexplored terrain
I wanted to swirl layers of the sunset into my cornea while feeling weightless
I wanted to become the light that only needed nothing but other light

Yet, despite the cruelness of reality and the rudeness of mortality
My predictabilities had not made me the free spirit I promised that I was in my youth
My rigidness, my obsessions, my lazy reluctance for taking impulsive risks
My mumbling of words and grumbling vocal cords
Is what led to my demise for adventure and happiness

I could only blame the hippies disguised as capitalists and fascists
Who tried to drown me in iced frack water with a slice of lemon on the side
Those who exposed me to the harsh, discordant noise blaring in this bizarre ballroom
And induced headaches and migraines from their noxious perfume
Unsuccessfully also tried to get my attention with their immodest sexual pollution
But I reminded them of who they truly were
The future corporate executives of major oil companies
Hoping to wipe out the last giraffes of the Serengeti while on safari

To self-medicate, I wrote a short story for them and it went like this:

You were unstoppable generations later
Your reign on Earth only moved to other planets
Including Mars and beyond, as you spread your unenlightened, poisonous culture
A culture of deforesting rainforests, contaminating waterways, exterminating animals
Profitting on terminally ill patients you sold your chemical food to
Now you mined for titanium and iridium, while vaporizing moons’ atmospheres
While your children bathed in powdered gold baths from the blood of human slaves

You showered your unlearned stupidity to another solar system yet to be named
Your putrid, obese bodies reaked of both genetically modified perfume and sulfur
But once your selfish spacecrafts approached that profitable black hole
How uneventful your lives became, after passing through the event horizon
Your rejection of science and facts as “fake” got you here
Trapped forever in that swirling black vortex of nothingness, never to leave

Your evil ways finally ceased to exist, amongst your toxic, carcinogenic friends
Where not even light could leave this infinite bottomless pit of hell incarnate
Your black hole souls met your destinies, never to be heard from again
While the expanding universe continued to laugh at you despite its indifference
Not even the infinity of space-time itself would ever shed an ounce of forgiveness
For the irreversible destruction that you did to our planet Earth
Good luck creating jobs in that black hole, you greedy scumbags