Written by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, February 8, 2017

His signature resembles a seismograph
It’s jagged and cruel as the tremors on a Richter scale
These are the tremors of the bombs falling on earth
As once friendly nations are plunged into world war

In America, the masses are animals in a national farm
The sheeple obey what they’re told by their dictator
Believing that every day promises future jobs
Without being aware of the machines that will steal them

The new dictator is impressed by his own power
Leaving his barbed wire signature on official papers
Heaven help those that are impaled by the spikes
Jutting out of his razor sharp fenced in wall

He compiles a master list of countries to invade
Based on the arbitrary opinion of his delusional advisors
Because less competition helps make America a monopoly
And he usually wins playing Monopoly, the board game

Dropping bombs makes him feel like a winner
When his television ratings are low
Especially for a show that he thinks is better than any other
In the history of the world, period

But how many innocent people will die while awaiting deportation
As they starve and dehydrate in the desert heat
Rounded up like cattle in his patriotic concentration camps
With the proud red, white and blue unfurled in the air

The beast feasts on bloody beef steaks
While outside his window, blood spills across hills
He takes pride staring at the trophies on his desk
Confirming just how self-important he is

The mark of his name is adorned everywhere
On every wall, every building, every letterhead
Subcutaneous implants of his name are mandatory
In order to buy and sell as a real American citizen

Because he convinces the world that he is the Messiah
He has his way with anyone, because of his deceptive zeal
Proclaiming that only gods can win in the end
Especially with a great multitude of nuclear missiles

The dictator requires constant adoration, praise and respect
He incarcerates anyone who speaks freely or wrongly of him
Everything is re-written in a time of war
Law and order is perverted to protect a Fascist regime

Street protests are declared illegal during wartime
In order to protect the safety of the American soldiers
Anyone caught outside resisting the new executive order
Is immediately put in prison and subjected to torture tactics

Because he thinks his friends are really his enemies
He continues to delude himself and his followers
Scientists and academics are the worst for him
As he convinces the sheeple they are always wrong

He’s never pleased that there are still those who don’t like him
He enforces a system of institutional brainwashing
In order for them to worship his name and his image
Those who refuse will be executed

The fossil fuel industry that he defends
Eclipses the health and welfare of life on earth
He knows very important people with deep pockets
That would rather destroy nature than lose profits

He supports the climate change deniers who sit and stare
With deep seeded hatred and ignorance at the truth sayers
They continue to overconsume in a time of plenty
While their associates cut down every living tree for toilet paper

The sheeple of America believe in his lies
And journalism is subverted and demonized
The dictator’s advisors soldier on
Spreading fear as their main campaign

While war is waged overseas, a new American civil war occurs
From university campuses to shopping malls
The sheeple forget who they’re fighting and why
As madness and hatred spreads like a viral pandemic

The good old days of watching Fox and Friends
Is now ancient history for the dictator
For he resides safely underground
Broadcasting via all television channels

He protects himself, his family and his closest advisors
In a safe location, far away from the chaos above ground
He’s untouchable, because nobody can attack him
Especially after all of the previous assassination attempts

Martial law of his own definition is in full force
He has absolute power over hundreds of millions
There is nothing moral or ethical
To measure any longer

Those who are brainwashed worship him daily
As his wrinkled face flickers
On every television and video screen
Accompanying the words “Make America Great Again”

He spoke of people dying in the streets before the election
Yet that was all along his own projection
For he gained this power through deception
While thriving on chaos and misconception

Without running water and electricity
Supermarket shelves are devoid of goods
The sheeple have to fend for themselves
Since playing video games didn’t help their survival skills

Those that want to exist in a time of darkness
Must praise his name every hour of every waking day
And have exposed the laser tattoo of his beastly name
To avoid interrogation from the dictator’s own police forces

Squirrels and deer are hunted down throughout the land
To the point of them becoming extinct
Those that forage at night risk their lives
For cannibals use surveillance drones to hunt for human flesh

The dictator and his henchmen are safe and sound
With plenty of genetically modified foods for them to eat
And pure water from deep underground
Flowing upwards only to become contaminated
By the winds of nuclear fallout

But that’s how America is made great again
And that’s how big changes happen
When a dictator makes the world all for himself
And counts his worthless $100 bills
While sitting back in his fools gold chair
Wearing hate in his golden hair
And curse those supporters who paid his fare
Defending the oil industry’s great big prayer
Watching the planet die without a care
And life as we knew it became unfair
Leaving a wasteland on a devastating dare
For no sensible creature left to share