Written by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, October 12, 2017

Things did not end pretty
After he played with fire
The man from the great city
Caused us to go haywire

First it was shock without the awe
The missiles launched in November
After talking about the rule of law
And the killing of a public defender

Stripped of his medals and flowers
After he tried to embolden his throne
Winter was full of isotopic showers
The black crows, they had flown

Shadows of life divided forms
The bonfires burned steadily
The swift moving blunder storm
Froze the emotionless elegy

Suddenly everything went dark
No street siren had sounded
Faces were found in tree bark
Jet planes were all grounded

Groceries were discovered bare
After five days of being looted
Cars no longer polluted the air
For methylene was diluted

Computing devices didn’t turn on
Electrical grids ran their course
Internet was silent and withdrawn
From the arrival of the pale horse

Those days of seeing blue skies
And stratocumulus up above
Were folklore tales in disguise
With tears they dreamed of

How did it go wrong so fast
Questions escalated in time
As ten hundred nuclear blasts
Turned mammals into slime

One world blue turned red
The quakes rattled the land
Those that ate black bread
Once were in full command

He ran the televised reality show
Before the feces hit the fan
He brought in a lot of heavy dough
Before it was baked over Japan

Twenty five years wasn’t enough
He promised economic growth
Insecurely acting tough
They got him to take the oath

The smiles were deceitful
They recalled generations ago
He wanted a grandiose sequel
To expand his portfolio

Freedom resulted in oppression
Youngsters became self entitled
Truth was found in question
Silence made those suicidal

One man shook the foundations
While another man shook hands
Confusion arose from the nations
Choking the sweeping sands

Water and heat rose to the sky
Flesh and skin tore deep
Amongst the prickly, green cacti
All the memories went to sleep

The anger rained down like hail
Piercing pink brains in a barrage
Appearing there in a strong gale
The dead didn’t want a massage

Whatever could stand upright
Was stricken with disenchantment
Whenever the candle could light
Foretold its final commandment

The baffling regret and despair
Could no longer be dispersed
For most of us could not bear
Who made those decisions first

Despite the endless belligerence
They were drained of their banality
Their feelings became carnivorous
To worship their nationality

Those that lurked in the shadows
To be taken from their empty lives
Postured prophecies of lava flows
Arming with bullets over knives

This ended uglier than imagined
Without the undying support of love
The hateful had not fathomed
The call of the twilight dove

Someday, somewhere the thieves
Suspended the black marketeer
Nesting atop the ejaculate trees
Climbing low beyond the clear

Relics of the future were paved
Etched in water vapor as respite
The faces of hate were waved
Towards the primeval theater exit

Delight when the atmosphere dies
For the planet will begin anew
Despite the rhythm of your cries
The music will follow through

Sing as the suffering ends
Weightless in the cosmic nether
Think of those days with friends
Found in the freeing feather

Descend as harmonies slaughter
And see bluing mushrooms bud
Catch the bends underwater
As the raisin raises her floods

For all the golems that go extinct
Their lives will continue on forever
In parallel universes indistinct
Grazing on mountains wherever