Written by Jonathan Aryeh Wayne, September 14, 2016


Everywhere around, a culture of disease
Systemically brainwashing us
Through sugar and cheese
Our doors are marked with green slime
Thinking its shampoo
But really its radioactive spew
Enflaming our heads
Combusting in fiery reds
While we sit there indifferently
As our bodies catch on fire
With pizza dissolving
And our breath expires
Didn’t we hear the warning signs
Traveling along old telephone lines


All around, temptation never ceases
Manipulating human masterpieces
Always a neon sign flashes
Hospital beds turn to ashes
Our boiled brains rewire
Never far from a quagmire
When murky ice cream dies
In the colonel’s colon’s thighs
Fried chicken cries
Fuck you Mr. Supersize
I don’t condone your lies
Fuck you and your french fries
Oily scams of dirty skies
Scabs of Q-tips for your disguise
Chastized for your glaucoma eyes
Why don’t you lobotomize
Your fast food think tank
Your viral blood bank
Spreading your addiction
It’s beyond pulp fiction


I’m not nearly as sick as you
Walking around in one horse shoe
Carrying a load to the nearest avenue
To pull off simple pranks
By robbing sperm banks
Of twenty dollars bills left on window sills
When centuries ago it was fish gills
Left for the black birds to eat
Instead of apple pies or that of meat
Rodents were hard to beat
But we the sheeple are ground up
Like coffee beans
And beauty queens
Of plastic makeup
For your perfumed breakup


Allow your intestines to cremate those cookies
You fat unworldly hair stylist
Don’t let them bulldoze your epidemic
Don’t give into the morgue’s finest
Bloated bellies in times of stress
Are controlled to depress, not address
We assumed we needed a sweet treat
After our bench press
Hoping our psyches will be fulfilled
As long as we make time to rebuild


Mr. Dunkin’ Doo Wop Fucktard Donut
Do you think I’m a fool with a hair spool
Trading peanuts for your fruit rollup
I bought your consumerist crap as a child
Only to find out as an adult I was defiled
Of my hopes and awe, dreams did thaw
Firing squads of squinted eyes
Disheveled with muted sighs
I collected thousands of those sports cards
Laminated with athletic steroided monsters
Only to be dumped in junkyards
They came with the stale bubble gum of greed
Designed to rot teeth and make them bleed
You made worthless my collection
Devalued beyond rational projection


Thanks for nothing Western society
You didn’t fool me with your anxiety
Eat your ice cream, bovine queen
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
About the intravenous saline
Do you not see glamorous disease
Hidden in fancy bagels and cream cheese
Going hungry is a thing of the past
Fat and satisfaction is truly a blast
Don’t you love the big money
Drugs can be really funny
It’s not about improving people’s lives
It’s keeping hearts beating and heads fried
For the cruel sunset of the next stingy sunrise


In your form-fitting sweatshop synthetics you stare
At your laptop computer dodging the glare
While your diseased overweight body wastes away
With the help of your Apple liquid crystal display
You snack on Trader Joes pretzel slims
Cynically dismissing your pudgy soft limbs
Ancient herbal wisdom sure doesn’t come to mind
When making money to survive occupies your time
Rational thinking doesn’t apply to your wellbeing
When you’re too busy daydreaming


I hear you making sounds out there
Groaning in discomfort, knowing I’m right
Acknowledging my wisdom while taking a bite
Out of your gluten-free soy muffin
While your stiff neck barely can move
And a puffin in Greenland flies in a groove
Until a stray Russian satellite crashes to the ground
Destroying an entire avian species thanks to ultrasound
But didn’t you know radiation doesn’t kill
It just improves the mushrooms growing in Brazil
After all, the planet has to do something positive when all the trees are cut down
And acidic oceans are only good if alkaline batteries are powered by clowns
Those plastic nanoparticles in our bodies eventually help us evolve
While we mutate into genetically modified robotic neanderthals


Need I say more
We can decide to act or continue to snore
Snore until the glass of our windows crack and shatter
Snore until our eardrums are immune to chatter
We swear and bear the surgeon’s burden
Staring and sharing the pearly sermon
Is progress really a great thing in the world
When flags of our nationalities are always unfurled
Continue if you wish down that path of destruction
Criticize those who demolish in the name of construction
You have a right to dismiss your human equal
While we shit on another Star Wars sequel
But know the consequences of your choices
While you listen to those pro-animal agricultural voices
And you die for other people’s toxic Rolls-Royces